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In a two-day course you will be introduced to the requirements of the ISO management systems.

You will then have all the tools you need for successful certification. 

ISO 9001_2000 x 3000 px.png
ISO 14001_2000 x 3000 px.png
ISO 45001_2000 x 3000 px.png


  • Simple and understandable introduction to the ISO standards 

  • Defining the cornerstones for the management systems

  • Creation of the relevant ISO documents


  • Introduction to the requirements of the three ISO standards

  • Role of quality/environmental/occupational safety management officer

  • Implementation of the standard requirements in a control system 

  • Creation and explanation of a risk matrix

  • Information and provision of tools 

Target group:  Managers of SMEs

Costs:CHF 2'350.-

Registration deadline:October 21, 2021

4th - 5th November

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