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Taking the pulse

Certification of the ISO 27001 standard as a strategic measure to stay on the pulse of time.

Juice Technology AG is the world's leading manufacturer of mobile 22 kW charging stations.

The Swiss company's comprehensive portfolio also includes software-based

charging and load management systems, charging columns, wallboxes and DC charging stations. As an established industry and a major manufacturer of charging infrastructure, the company has already presented numerous

company has already presented numerous world firsts. Due to its consistent software orientation and the associated 'software first' and 'software by design' approaches, Juice has always placed great emphasis on cyber security. Now it has had this confirmed by an official body.

The international standard ISO/IEC 27001 is considered one of the most important cyber security certifications worldwide. It shows that companies have taken measures to ensure information security and protect data, and that these measures are regularly audited. This information security concerns not only the company, but also the entire corporate network. After all, partners or customers and, of course, investors and users of the products or services also trust that their data is secure.

"Because the requirements for information security are constantly increasing, ISO certification is an important step for Juice towards more protection against risks, but it is only part of an important strategy that is currently being developed," says Musa Sanli, IT system administrator at Juice Technology AG.

Together with Juice, ATTESTA developed a pragmatic and efficient solution. Within three months, the company was ready for certification.



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