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Taking responsibility with ISO certification of three standards

As a traditional cleaning company in Switzerland, Enzler Reinigungen AG has continuously developed since 1935. With over 2700 qualified employees, it is one of the leading companies in the industry.

With certification of the three standards relevant to the cleaning industry: Quality - ISO 9001, Environment & Sustainability - ISO 14001 and Occupational Health & Safety ISO 45001, the management of Enzler Reinigungen AG shows that they take responsibility seriously.

"By reducing to the essentials and focusing on the relevant quality topics, together with Attesta AG we succeed in integrating the requirements of the standards into our business processes in a practical way."

Peter Helbling, Managing Director

Every day, Enzler Reinigungen cleans more than 2 million square meters of office, store and commercial space.


▪ Consistently high quality

▪ Simultaneous certification of three ISO standards.

▪ Responsibility toward employees and customers


Define measures according to ISO 9001, 14001 as well as 45001 for the company, such as:

▪ Standardization of processes to ensure consistent high quality.

▪ Efficient use of cleaning agents as well as development of alternative cleaning agents and methods.

▪ Consideration of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions in the evaluation of company vehicles

▪ Intensive personnel support, systematic training on all topics relevant to the cleaning industry

▪ Ensuring occupational safety by means of targeted, systematic measures.


▪ Assurance of the entrepreneurial duty of care

▪ Continuous further development of quality management systems

▪ Reduction of pollutants and thus lower impact on the environment



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