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PPG's Certified First Switzerland (CFS) creates a whole new network in Switzerland

It is an association of the most professional car body companies to form the most competent vehicle repair network in Switzerland. It enables the carrossier to appear stronger in an association and thus to improve his market chances significantly. Certified First Switzerland offers the vehicle fleet manager of insurance companies, leasing companies or sales companies a professional partner who repairs vehicle damage efficiently and cost-optimized with high standards. Certified First Switzerland gives the vehicle owner the assurance that body damage will be perfectly repaired by a trusted professional.

The basis of every CFS member company is the technical competence in the processing of vehicle bodies and the application of car repair paints from PPG (Nexa Autocolor, MaxMeyer and PPG). If necessary, the CFS team provides support in the form of information events, technical training and advanced business development seminars. All measures are aimed at bringing CFS members to the next level in terms of quality and professionalism.

Attesta Schweizer Zertifizieurngsgesellschaft AG is pleased to take over the auditing of the future members of the Certified First Switzerland network as an independent certification company.

The certification process consists of three stages:

  1. The pre-audit (certification check) by the field consultant

  2. the self-assessment by the car body store

  3. the on-site audit

Membership in the Certified First Switzerland network is confirmed by successfully passing the audit and receiving the CFS certificate. Obtaining the CFS certificate identifies the member company as a company with a seal of approval for professionalism, expertise and quality.



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