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Management review

An underestimated management tool

Perhaps you have already asked yourself what the difference is between "management review", "management assessment" or "QM assessment"?

The answer is: there is none.

However, you cannot do without a management review if you want to be ISO-certified.

A systematic and regular review of effectiveness makes a lot of sense - because it serves not only to solve current challenges but also to analyze long-term trends and results.

The following information (list of minimum requirements) should be included in the assessment in accordance with ISO standard, chapter 9.3.3 Inputs for the management review:

  • Measures from previous management reviews

  • Changes in internal and external issues (-> the assessment/evaluation has an impact on the strategic direction)

  • Information on the effectiveness and performance of the quality management system (incl. customer satisfaction, feedback from interested parties, achievement of quality objectives, information on product conformity and process performance, non-conformities (deviations) and corrective actions, results from monitoring and measurements, performance of external providers)

  • Need for resources

  • Effectiveness of implemented measures on opportunities and risks

  • Potential for improvement

Must-haves of a management review

  1. Conducting a management review is the responsibility of the management and cannot be delegated.

  2. Necessary and up-to-date information must be available for the assessment. As part of a strategy review, a mission statement check on the degree of implementation of the corporate policy, a SWOT analysis of the corporate context and an analysis of the stakeholder groups can also be carried out.

  3. Take measures according to the "SMART" principle (specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, time-bound) and define responsibilities to ensure traceability and success.



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