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ISO 14001 certification and sustainable use of resources in the packaging industry

Sustainability means dealing responsibly with our environment and our resources. The ATS-Tanner Group, which operates internationally in B2B, wanted to meet its own demands on the one hand and the market requirements for sustainability on the other. The demand for packaging solutions that are sustainable in every aspect is growing strongly in all industries. From production to logistics to the point of sale. Drivers include end customers who are becoming increasingly environmentally aware, the own demands of the producing and trading companies, or economic considerations - raw materials and energy are becoming more expensive, making resource-saving packaging solutions more attractive. One example: In banding with ultrasonic technology, the core competence of the ATS-Tanner Group, conventional packaging such as plastic tubular bags (e.g. for multipacks in the retail trade) is often replaced by paper bands.

With the introduction of an environmental and sustainability management system, the ATS-Tanner Group has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions at all levels by continuously optimizing its own actions for environmental compatibility and offering its customers sustainable packaging solutions and services.

"We are certified to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. With a focus on the continuous improvement process (CIP), we are committed to continuously optimizing our environmental sustainability."

Serge Tanner, Managing Director

The challenge

▪ Demand for environmentally compatible packaging solutions is growing strongly in all industries and business sectors.

▪ Raw materials for the production of packaging materials are becoming scarcer and thus more expensive.

▪ Energy is a precious commodity. Using it sparingly is crucial from both an ecological and an economic point of view.

The solution

Define measures in accordance with ISO 14001. Examples:

▪ Reduction of packaging material by constantly questioning conventional packaging solutions and seeking new solutions.

▪ Reduction of plastic packaging by using solutions made of sustainably produced paper wherever possible.

▪ Reduction of fossil and thus finite raw materials by increasing the proportion of recycled material wherever possible and thus supporting the circular economy.

▪ Evaluation of services for customers of the ATS-Tanner Group that support the sustainable use of resources. Example: Collection of used stretch films and return to the recycling loop.

▪ Investing in the research and development of new, environmentally friendly packaging materials. Example: Novel banding material.

▪ Development of energy-saving packaging machines. Example: The banding machines developed and produced in-house with ultrasonic welding technology, which, compared to those of competitors and other packaging machines, are s

significantly more energy-efficient.

The benefit

ATS-Tanner Group is constantly looking for more environmentally friendly solutions for its customers - but also for itself. The continuous improvement process (CIP) helps to constantly improve the packaging solutions and services offered. As a result, ATS-Tanner Group has the contemporary packaging solutions that are in demand in the marketplace, giving it a competitive edge over its competitors.

The ATS-Tanner Group consists of: Tanner & Co. AG, ATS-Tanner Branding Systems AG and BFT Produktions AG.



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