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Ambitioned implementation of a quality management system

As a modern, private day clinic, the Glashausklinik® specializes in the therapeutic treatment of dementia and neurodegenerative diseases. With a therapy and care offer individually tailored to the patients in an extremely discreet and soothing ambience, its goal is to improve the patients' cognitive abilities and maintain them for as long as possible. To slow down the course of the disease and delay entry into an inpatient facility, good care at home is particularly helpful, in addition to therapeutic services. Relieving the burden on relatives is important to have the necessary strength and energy for everyday life. On a high, exclusive standard and surrounded by a picturesque recreation area, the Glashausklinik® combines therapeutic competence with hospitality.

"When borders seem insurmountable, moments decide. With partners and confidants."

Sabrina Melone, Clinic Director


▪ Provide evidence of an efficient organizational structure with defined processes

▪ Respect the implementation of a management system in a short period of time


▪ A pragmatic and transparent approach of Attesta AG enabled the implementation and certification according to the current standard of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in a short period of time.


▪ A management system tailored to the needs and size of the company

▪ Perception and recognition of the increased service quality

▪ Process-structured and optimized guidelines for all employees and the management

▪ Planned continuous improvement



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