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Alternative form of financing for SMEs via a digital platform

Financing needs in the SME sector can be diverse and present some business managers with certain challenges. Alwin Meyer is CEO of Swisspeers and introduced me to the concept of this alternative form of financing via a digital platform during an interview. Several of our ISO customers have already had extremely positive experiences in realizing their financing needs with the Swisspeers team.

Swisspeers covers a wide range of products for financing and investments.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can easily and straightforwardly register their financing needs online in a digitalized process. Investors find an attractive and sensible investment opportunity in the fixed-interest area. Swiss companies find capital for growth.

"Every company published on our portal was personally visited and analyzed by one of our regionally distributed credit experts" Alwin Meyer, CEO Swisspeers

Possible capital requirements for SMEs

▪ Growth financing (business expansion, new location)

▪ Investment financing (modernization of production equipment, digitization projects)

▪ Takeover/succession financing (debt component company takeover)

▪ Operating loan (seasonal fluctuations, securing liquidity)

▪ Debt restructuring (cost reduction replacement of current account)


▪ Access to SME loans from CHF 50,000, unsecured or secured

▪ Only as much credit as necessary - predictable credit costs

▪ Unbureaucratic and transparent

▪ Financing directly by private investors

▪ Rapid recording of the online credit application

▪ Discreet or with PR effect

I would like to thank Alwin Meyer for the interesting discussion.

If you are interested in an alternative form of financing, please contact



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