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Targeted and sustainable increase in performance due to optimization of processes and procedures within the framework of ISO certification.

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Martina Dudle Snydr

Our experts


Franz Zielger, Dipl. Kult-ing., Birr
Engineering services for infrastructure projects, client advice, ETH Zurich 1993


Franz Hauzenberger, Davos
Qualified technician HF timber construction

Grass_Marco sw.jpg

Marco Grass, Buchs SG
Fire Protection Manager CFPA
Specialist for fire alarm systems VKF

Take advantage of one of our offers
for tailor-made support by ATTESTA

Many new digitalization and sustainability topics (from BIM to Minergie) pose major challenges for the construction industry and significantly increase the entry hurdle for professional tendering procedures.

With the ISO certifications ISO 9001 - Quality Management, ISO 14001 - Environmental Protection and Sustainability as well as ISO/IEC 27001 - Information Security and Data Protection, you create the necessary basis to meet the challenges of the time.
challenges of the time.

Our offer to you

As an SME, you want to carry out the necessary certification steps as efficiently and sustainably as possible. This is where our offer comes in:

We stand for

  • Practical certificationthe selected ISO standard

  • certification to fixed costs

  • rapid implementation

  • useful management tools per standard

  • small expenditure of time for your organization

  • Experts provide support with standard-related technical questions


Simple process - secure certification

Our approach is transparent and result-oriented.

  1. We clarify your needs in a half-hour, free initial consultation

  2. You will receive a tailor-made offer from us

In the case of an order

  1. We accompany you through the certification preparations

  2. We certify your company

  3. We verify your certification status annually

  • You prepare yourself independently for the certification

  • We carry out a   document check and check the certification capability.


  • Qualified partners set up the ISO management system

  • Your own effort is minimal

  • We certify in accordance with standards and in an uncomplicated manner


  • You would like new inputs or a new assessment of your existing quality management system

  • We would be happy to discuss the conditions with you.

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